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The Fantasticks

April 5th to 29th, 2018

Music by Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by Tom Jones

Directed by Larry Williams
Musical Direction by David Shepard





Phillip Percy Williams – El Gallo
Cordell Wesselink
– Matt
Nicole Thordsen
– Luisa
Javier Alarcon – Hucklebee
Jim Fye – Bellomy
Michael Walraven – Henry
John Griffin – Mortimer
Nick Moore – The Mute

Whimsical, poignant, and romantic, The Fantasticks is an allegorical story that focuses on two young lovers, their meddling fathers, and the journey we all must take through adolescent thrills, the growing pains of hurt and betrayal, the highs of passion, the challenges of distance, and the agonies of heartbreak to discover how to truly love.

In a theatrical and inventive fashion, our gallant and enigmatic narrator–El Gallo–introduces us to a pair of young lovers, Matt and Luisa, who experience the magical, moonlit phase of falling in love. For a time, romance seems perpetually exciting, and heroics seem always to save the day. However, El Gallo leads our young protagonists from the romantic moonlight into the harsh sunshine, where the weaknesses in their relationship are exposed and the reality of the struggles and heartache love brings is revealed.

With the record for the longest American theatrical run, The Fantasticks is a gem of the American musical theatre. Featuring timeless classics like “Try to Remember” and “Soon It’s Gonna Rain,” this simple and beautiful ensemble piece is as beloved and as timely as it was when it opened over 50 years ago.