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The Humans

By Stephen Karam

Directed by TBD



Audition sign-ups are suspended at this time. More information coming soon.


September 4 – 29, 2019 at the NTC Playhouse



Information coming soon.


Cast of Characters


Deidre: Female, 50-60’s

Erik’s loyal wife, devoted mother to Brigid and Aimee; with silent strength, she clings wholeheartedly to traditions, familial duty, and the Catholic faith; the institution of marriage is sacred to her; she very much wishes her family shared this sentiment.

Erik: Male, 50-60’s

A middle class Irish Catholic, practical to a fault and very set in his ways; he has sacrificed a great deal over the years in order to provide a good life for his family, but his recent confession has upset the comfortable world he knows; he is trying desperately to reconnect with his wife and cling to his increasingly distant daughters.

Momo: Female, 70-80’s

Erik’s mother, grandmother to Brigid and Aimee; has been afflicted with dementia; for the most part, she remains passive and disconnected but has episodes where she becomes manic and aggressive.

Aimee: Female, 30’s

Erik and Deirdre’s eldest daughter; both self-conscious and self-deprecating, her career as a lawyer once held great promise; now, her physical and emotional health both suffer; she is deeply, quietly sad and in intense pain following a breakup from her long-term girlfriend.

Brigid: Female, 20’s

Erik and Deirdre’s youngest daughter; a musician and composer with an artistic (mercurial) nature and frustrated that she is bartending and collecting unemployment and not able to pursue her career; a bit spoiled, upbeat most of the time; she loves her parents but is embarrassed by their provincialism; in spite of that, she still seeks their approval and wants them to love her new apartment and her boyfriend.

Richard: Male, 38

A worldly wise graduate student, Richard comes from a wealthy family and has never wanted for anything; despite their age difference, he truly loves Brigid and yearns to be accepted by her family.