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“A Streetcar Named Desire”

Opened the NTC’s 2016-17 Season, Oct. 9 – Sept. 2 — Rave Reviews —

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Marin IJ Review – Barry Willis – “This “Streetcar” is one that fans of mid-century theater — or theater fans, period — simply shouldn’t miss. It’s a stellar offering from NTC.”

MarinScopes Review – Cari Lynn Pace “A Streetcar Named Desire” has raised the bar for Novato Theater Company…Williams’s dialogue is beautifully crafted throughout, intense and emotionally touching.”

ForAllEvents Review – Flora Lynn Isaacson “This is truly ensemble casting, and I especially liked the connections of the characters with one another.”

Emily Radosevich-Stella-Amber Collins-Crane -Blanche

Emily Radosevich as Stella and Amber Collins-Crane as Blanche

Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece depicting the descent of fragile and iconic Blanche Dubois, a woman whose life is undermined by her romantic illusions. The pressure brought to bear upon Blanche by her sister, Stella, with whom she goes to live in New Orleans along with Stella’s earthy and brutal husband, Stanley, leads to a tragic revelation of self-delusion and madness.


Amber Collins Crane – Blanche
Gregory Crane – Stanley
Emily Radosevich – Stella
Amy Dietz – Eunice
Matt Farrell – Steve
Matt Gunnison – Mitch
Javier Alarcon- Pablo
Michel B. Harris – Young collector/Doctor
Neiry Rojo – Eunice’s neighbor/Flower vendor/Nurse


Michael Barr -Director
Kim Bromley -Co-Production Manager
Janelle Ponte -Co-Production Manager
Maureen Scheuenstuhl -Stage Manager, Props
Michael Walraven -Set Design/Construction
Abier Salamy, Janelle Ponte, Kim Bromley -Properties
Janice Deneau -Costume Design
Mary Weinberg -Costume Support
Frank Sarubbi -Lighting Design
Stephen Dietz -Sound Design
Halina -Light/Sound board operator
Chaz Simonds- Hair Design
Mark Clark -Fight Choreography
Mark Shepard -Graphic Designer
Fred Deneau -Photographer
Gary Carr -Publicist
Sandi Rubay -Website