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Dancing at Lughnasa

TBA Multi


by Brian Friel
directed by Patricia Miller                                                   Cast photos 5
May 20-June 12, 2016

Act One:   75 minutes    Intermission:   15 minutes    Act Two:   55 minutes
“The sisters’ brilliant dancing to the raucous reel on the radio has a show-stopping impact. The acting throughout is generally outstanding.”  Flora Lynn Isaason, ForAllEvents

Kristine Ann Lowry infuses the character of Kate with a perfectly balanced blend of dour rigidity, resignation and determination to survive. Siobhan O’Brien is perfectly cast as the resilient Agnes, whose concern for Rose is almost as intense as her concern for the family as a whole. Shannon Von Kase is astounding as the uninhibited Maggie…make “Dancing at Lughnasa” a strongly recommended production.”  Barry Willis Marin IJ

This cathartic, Tony award-winning play that inspired the movie starring Meryl Streep is a timeless classic performed all over the world. Cast photos 4Set in 1936 in Donegal, Ireland, the play is rooted in the Mundy family, five spirited sisters recently joined by their prodigal brother, a renegade priest back from Africa in disgrace “for going native.” The vivacious sisters squabble and banter, facing the threat of loss and economic collapse with humor and spirit. Deep pagan instincts battle with Catholic expectations. A charming traveling salesman lifts hearts and hopes, and their Cast photos 2new-fangled Marconi radio fills the stage with dance music from a distant place and time. All the while, Michael, the illegitimate son of the youngest sister, is watched as he grows by his wiser, elder self, weaving an unforgettable, theatrical spell.

A cast of well-known Marin favorites is joined by talented professionals from San Francisco, Sonoma, Richmond and Cast photos 1Berkeley, collaborating with director Patricia Miller (Pollinator Arts).

Photo Credit:   Mark Clark

Kristine Ann Lowry – Kate Mundy

Shannon Veon Kase – Maggie Mundy
Isabelle Grimm – Rose Mundy
Siobhan O’Brien – Agnes Mundy
Lily Jackson – Christine Mundy
Jim McFadden – Father Jack
Mark Ian Schwartz – Gerry Evans
John J. Hanlon  – Michael Evans

Patricia Miller –  Director
Mark Clark – Producer/Set Design
Halina – Show Stage Manager/Light Operator
Dale Camden –  Rehearsal Stage Manager
Bill Weinberg – Lighting Design
Misha Murphy – Costume Design