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Fall In Love Comedy October 2021


Friday, October 1, 2021 at 8:00pm
Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 8:00pm

Tickets are $20 for each session
(in advance, or at the door, cash or card)

Once again organized by Jason Kyle of Humor Resources, and hosted by our very own John Griffin. See below for info on the performers.
(line-up and order subject to change)

The Host

John Griffin

Everyone’s favorite local Real-Estate Agent, ex-NTC Board Member and Treasurer, and Sweeney Todd actor, Mr John Griffin is once again your host for these two evenings of hilarity.




Friday, October 1

Phil Griffiths

As far as mid-life crisis go, Phil Griffiths’ wife stacks his career in stand up comedy as better than a drug addiction but worse than him having a mistress. With his dry deadpan humor, Phil performs all over the state and shares his slightly off observations on life. Phil has opened for Kyle Kinane, Beth Stelling, Laurie Kilmartin, Josh Blue, Ms Pat, Chad Daniels, Jackie Kashian, Jermaine Fowler, Brad Williams, and more. He also produces and hosts Comedy Sharks, a successful comedy show in the Bay Area.


Ben Kolina

Ben Kolina had his first experience getting laughs from strangers at the expense of visiting outfielders in the Right Field Bleachers of the Oakland Coliseum. Currently Ben is a co-producer of a popular weekly comedy showcase Milk Bar in SF. As a Stand Up Comedian Ben is a regular at the San Francisco Punch Line & Cobb’s Comedy Club. Ben was recently featured on Hulu’s ‘Qick Laffs’ and has recently performed at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, the 10,000 Laughs Festival in Minneapolis and SF Sketchfest.


Cody Smit

Before doing stand-up comedy, Santa Rosa native Cody Smit started out as a rapper under the stage name, C-Smitty.  After realizing he was tone-deaf and possessed no rhythm, he gave up on his dreams of becoming a white rapper and took to stand-up comedy. His first gig was at a slam poetry open mic and consisted of him jotting down jokes about an ex-girlfriend on a bar napkin. His would-be set quickly escalated into a dreary tirade about her infidelity. Before he knew it, Smit was producing and hosting comedy shows throughout Sonoma County. At 22 years old, Smit learned the art of what it truly means to “bomb” on stage in the preliminary rounds of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. Now he does so with class and dignity.


(more to be added)

Saturday, October 2

Paco Romane

Paco Romane has been seen on Comedy Central, Drunk History, HBO, Funny or Die and is one of those guys who’s done a little bit of everything, from stand-up, acting, writing, and improv to voice-overs and podcasts. His “hilarious comedy” (The A.V. Club) is engaging and authentic and has established him as a crowd favorite. Known as a “versatile mash-up of everything comedic” (SF Sketchfest), Romane is a natural entertainer ready to riff with the crowd, tell hilarious stories or turn anything in the moment into his act. If you head to his show, “prepare to be charmed by Romane and his easy-going, self-effacing ways, but remember no hugs. Romane is a strict non-hugger” (Santa Cruz Sentinel).


Justin Lockwood

Justin’s revealing style and hilarious observations have made him a favorite of audiences around the Bay Area and beyond. His act spans from stories about growing up on a marijuana farm to jokes about raising his own son to one-liners about sex and dating. He’s opened for Todd Glass, Jackie Kashian, Eliot Chang, Kevin Camia, Aidan Park, Reggie Steele, Steve Bruner, Mark Pitta and many others.


Nina G

Nina G is a comedian, professional speaker and author of Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen. She has been featured in/on everything from NPR’s 51%, BBC’s Ouch, Psychology Today, Tedx, multiple day time talk shows, Howard (Stern) 100 News and even the Stuttering John Podcast. Nina is currently working on her third book on the history of San Francisco Bay Area Comedy.


Mean Dave

Mean Dave is a regular at Cobb’s Comedy Club, Punch Line in SF and Sacramento and has opened for headliners such as Judy Tenuta, Eddie Pepitone, Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder, Allan Havey, Tom Rhodes, Neil Hamburger, Josh Blue, Brent Morin, Bret Ernst and most importantly, Barry Sobel. Most of Dave’s life has been littered with utter disappointment and flat out betrayal that only a sarcastic, cynical sense of humor can remedy. Hopefully this information helps you in your decision as to whether Mean Dave’s comedy will help you attain laughter in this existence.


(more to be added)