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Inspecting Carol

by Daniel Sullivan

directed by James Nelson
producer: Mark Clark


 photos by Mark Clark and Fred Deneau
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“Inspecting Carol ” is a madcap comedy where “A Christmas Carol” meets The Government Inspector meets “Noises Off.”  When the funding falls out of a struggling theatre company as they attempt to mount their uninspired annual production of “A Christmas Carol,” everyone looks to a bewildered wannabe actor to save the day. Behind the scenes rehearsals are at a standstill, Tim is no longer Tiny, and Scrooge wants to do the play in Spanish (Feliz Navidad.) As the impending disaster of opening night draws closer, it seems only a Christmas miracle will save this production! Inspecting Carol is both a cutting satire of professional theatre and a hilarious holiday farce, and it’s not to be missed.


M.J – Nan Ayers
Wayne – Matt Farrell
Zorah – Maxine Sattizahn
Dorothy – Shirley Hall
Sidney – Norman Hall
Phil – Jeffrey Orth
Kevin – David Shirk
Bart – Tim Clover
Larry – Chuck Isen
Betty – Shari Clover

Walter – Milt Jordan Jr
Luther – Rayan Dridi


Stage Manager – Dale Camden
Set Designer – Mark Clark
Lighting Design – Mark Clark with Bill Weinberg
Halina –  Light/sound Board Operator
Costumes – Janelle  Ponte, Mary Weinbert, Janice Deneau