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“Lettice and Lovage”

Story by  Sir Peter Shaffer
Directed  by  Renée Mandel-Sher
Producer Mark Clark

Sandi Rubay as Lettice and Marsha van Broek as Lotte

Lettice and Lovage is centered around a flamboyant tour guide, Lettice Duffet, an expert on Elizabethan cuisine and medieval weaponry, who embellishes the history behind the English country house she works in because of its extreme “dullness.”  She finds herself face-to-face with the fact-conscious official at the house, Lotte Schoen, who fires her.  But the relationship does not end there.  Lotte shows up unexpectantly at Lettice’s apartment 10 weeks later and then the fun begins. A true study of opposites.  The part of Lettice was written for Maggie Smith who won the Tony in 1990.  Shaffer also authored Equus, Amadeus, and Black Comedy.

Marsha van Broek and Sandi Rubay,
photo by Mark Clark



Lettice – Sandi Rubay
Lotte – Marsha van Broek
Miss Framer/Tourist – Marilyn Hughes
Surley Man/Tourist – John Griffin
Bardolph/Tourist – Mark Clark


Director – Renée Mandel-Sher
Producer – Mark Clark
Stage Manager – Lindsay John
Lighting Designer – Frank Sarubbi
Sound Designer – Simon Eves
Costume Designer – Amanda Cairo
Assistant Stage Manager – Isabelle Ponte
Property Supervisor – Christina Jaqua
Graphic Designer – Mark Shephard