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Marin Actors’ Workshop 2020

The Novato Theater Company is proud to be the new home for Terry McGovern’s Marin Actors’ Workshop.

This on-going acting lab will be available on Saturdays, normally from 10am-1pm. See the schedule at the bottom of this page for our calendar and tuition rates.

The Marin Actors’ Workshop was the county’s best acting class for over 20 years in its previous San Rafael location. Hundreds of actors have called the workshop home since 1997. Beginners, intermediates and advanced actors worked together, giving the mix a diversified and winning combination. At MAW you learned from doing…and from watching others.

Now, after a two year hiatus, MAW is back and calling the Novato Theater Company stage its home. You can audit one of the classes and decide if you’d like to join the ranks of people who acted when they were young, but raising a family took priority or those who kept their professional standing and needed a place to tune up their skills. Here’s what some of these actors have said about the Marin Actors’ Workshop: “MAW was a home away from home for me. Those classes gave me the confidence and the technical skills that I needed to become the best actor I could be.” “What I love about MAW is the safety factor. You work hard, but you know that you’re in a safe space, where your efforts are validated without fear of failure. MAW gave me a place, not ‘to pass or fail,’ but to simply get better.” “Terry’s the best. He works on the individual actor. I had incredible stage fright. The class taught me that everyone suffers from stage fright to some degree and brought to light the exact, right things for me to work on to overcome my fear. There was no method or formula. I learned while doing.”

McGovern, a working actor himself for over forty years, developed his style of teaching after studying with, among others, the grand dame of acting, Stella Adler. “I thought I knew how to act. Spencer Tracy said, ‘If you want to be an actor, just learn your lines, show up on time, and don’t bump into the furniture,’ McGovern says.“I soon found that I was no Spencer Tracy and that I needed to know much more than I did. Stella provided decades of experience and theory that made her the phenomenal teaching success that she was. Her students, included the likes of Robert De Niro, Salma Hayek, Warren Beatty, Melanie Griffith and, of course, the inimitable Marlon Brando. Her ethic was hard work for big rewards. The experience was invaluable to me. And it still is.”

The workshop focuses on scenes and monologues. You perform your work. Then you sit down and, with Terry’s guidance, you critique your own work. Then Terry weighs in. He doesn’t sugar-coat but always finds a way to draw out your strengths, so you have something to work on for the next class. And the next. Until you feel you’re ready to face the world of auditions and, eventually, get cast.

Come sign-up for a free audit for this amazing class at NTC, and realize your dream to be an actor. Again. Or for the first time.

Classes on Saturdays 10am-1pm (some dates and times vary, see ticketing site for details)

$35 per class (plus $1.50 booking fee)

10% discount on three or more classes booked at the same time.

Please note that our on-line payment system will not automatically apply the 10% discount. We are manually monitoring the reservations, so if you make reservations for multiple sessions for the same person as a single order, you should expect a manual refund to your payment card within two working days. If you believe you are eligible for the discount, but have not received the refund after more than two working days, please contact us and we will chase it up. Thank you for your understanding!


For more information on Terry McGovern and the Marin Actors’ Workshop program, visit http://www.marinactorsworkshop.com