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New Wrinkles – Summer Fun


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New Wrinkles: The Coming of Middle Age Musical Revue

By Gerald Nachman, Rita Abrams, Morris Bobrow
Directed by Morris Bobrow
Choreographed by Sherry Hines

Cast, Composer, Director - New Wrinkles

Story Line: A playfully poignant tour of the trials and travails of aging boomers~and beyond~through both hilarious and heartfelt sketches and songs. A brilliant job of turning angst into entertainment.

Performance Dates: July 10 to 26; Fri-Sat 8:00pm; Sundays 2:00pm

Nan Ayers
Erika Alstrom
Mark Clark
Paula Gianetti
Kit Grimm
Producer: Mark Clark
Director: Morris Bobrow
Authors: Rita Abrams, Morris Bobrow, Gerald Nachman
Accompanist: Rita Abrams
Choreographer: Sherry Hines
Stage Manager: Halina
Sound: Simon Eves
Sound Operator: Sandi Rubay
Sets: Mark Clark
Props: Paula Gianetti, Mark Clark
Costumes: Paula Gianetti, Cast
Production/Publicity Photographer: Fred Deneau
Publicity: Gary Carr


NTC Playhouse, 5420 Nave Dr., Novato