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Next Up – “FAST GIRLS” by Diana Amsterdam

Reader’s Theatre
produced & directed by Kris Neely
Performances Fri, Sat, & Sun June 20-22
$10 at the door – no presales

Fast Girls Postcard

 A precursor to Sex and the City, this fast-paced comedy is a buddy story about two single women during the late eighties, when the sexual revolution had hit a definite snag. Lucy Lewis loves men, being single, and playing the field; she is a successful career woman and a “fast girl.” Her neighbor Abigail McBride seeks a suitable husband and is definitely desperate, declaring that she realized, too late, that “high standards and loneliness are one and the same thing.” Lucy’s mother Mitzi comes to town to convince Lucy that she has GOT to settle down before it’s too late. She sends over Lucy’s ex-boyfriend Sidney to seal the deal. In one of the funniest second acts in theater history, Lucy pretends to cook for Sidney and be a “good girl” to show him how ridiculous it is; but the charade backfires.