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Private Lives, Private Lies

Novato Theater Company is proud to present a new work by local playwright Dianna L. Grayer, that has already played to great acclaim in Graton, Cloverdale, Ukiah, and Napa.

Two performances only!
Saturday June 24th at 7:00pm
Sunday June 25th at 2:00pm

LGBTQ lives matter!
This play is about keeping LGBTQ lives visible!

It explores relationship discord, rejection, discrimination, addiction, and joy that comes from self-acceptance, out and proud, and being surrounded by true family members who are not always blood.
Private Lives Private Lies explores the lives of eight LGBTQ people in four vignettes. It is educational, therapeutic, hopeful, entertaining, and pulls from every emotional realm, including love and laughter!
Playwright Dianna L Grayer’s motivation for writing this play was to bring LGBTQ relationship dynamics to life while tackling some of the issues behind the masks that everyone wears, LGBTQ or straight.

Not recommended for children under twelve

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