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Readers’ Theater

at the NTC Playouse

Great entertainment for the whole family — Only $10 at the door

Save the date and support local live theater!

Reader’s Theater, also known as a staged reading, is a form of theater with modest sets, lighting, props, and costumes. Actors read from scripts while performing. It is like a radio play before a live audience, (including the use of sound effects to heighten the experience) with emphasis on the use of imagination and on voice acting. Staged Readings are a fun event for the whole family.

All readings and interactions are not free form, but fully rehearsed and directed, much like a fully produced play. The results are mesmerizing and can reveal nuances in a play that might be hidden in a fully-staged production.


A fun night out.  Close to home.

Durang It 4x6 Postcard

If you saw NTC Reader’s Theater during the 2014-15 Season, directed by Kris Neely, you know you are in for great entertainment.