Singing Telegrams

An amazing group of singers has agreed to call and sing “Happy Birthday” for only a $25 donation to NTC!

At that price you can set up multiple phone calls! One for you, one for your mom, one for your bestie… the possibilities are endless!

Daniela Innocenti-Beem

Julianne Thompson Bretan

Gillian Eichenberger

Terry McGovern *

Robert Nelson

Sean O’Brien

Alison Peltz

Carl Robinett

Fernando Siu

Sandi Weldon

Phillip Percy Williams

* Terry doesn’t sing, but he’s a voice-over pro. His voice was in Star Wars, you know.

To order a message, click on the button below to pay, being sure to enter your e-mail address and/or phone number as part of the payment process, and NTC volunteer Kim Bromley will contact you to set up calls with the artists.

What a great way to support NTC and to hear from your favorite NTC stars!

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