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By Mary Roberts Rinehart
Directed by Clay David
Produced by Sandi Rubay
February 6 – March 1, 2015


“The characters in “The Bat” and their circumstances are painted with the broadest possible brush strokes, in the boldest possible colors, but campy as it is, the show leaves room for camping it up even further. With Clay David’s signature flamboyant flourishes — and the irrepressible urges of a talented cast — that’s not only a possibility, but a likelihood.”

– Barry Willis, Marin Independent Journal

“Director Clay David was able to generate great acting performances from his talented cast. This should certainly be a feather in his cap. NTC is so lucky to have engaged such a talented Director.The Set Designer, Michael Walraven, did a fabulous job of recreating the time-period, as did the Costume Designers Paula Aiello and Clay David. Bruce Vieira’s Sound Design enhanced the performance, as did Ellen Brooks’ Lighting Design.”

– Flora Lynn Isaacson, For All Events

“…Clay David does a good job with this period piece and uses his actors well. The story has the underlying value of keeping the mysteries alive until the end, and resolving most questions. It is a fun show and a good chance to watch your favorite characters develop their roles through the play.”

– Gary Gonser, Marin Backstage

“… the set and costumes are quite well done, and reflect director David’s desire to pay homage to the films of Douglas Sirk, with the colors, costumes, sets, and even the flowers working together to set the scene. Music and sound effects also combine to add a cinematic feeling to the proceedings.”

– Patrick Thomas, Talkin’ Broadway

“The Novato Theater Company knocks itself out with this classic mystery thriller…this chaotic spoof is a real gem of entertainment.”

-Cari Lynn Pace, Novato Advance


Mary Roberts Rinehart’s play “The Bat” is a murder mystery thriller original set in 1927, but for this production it is 1954.  A master criminal hindered by neither scruple nor fear has stolen over one million dollars and left at least six men dead. The police are helpless, the newspapers know nothing—even the key figures of the city’s underworld have no clue as to the identity of the Bat. The Bat will encounter the only person who can stop him: adventurous seventy year-old matron Cornelia Van Gorder, last in a long line of New York society royalty.    Add to the mystery Cornelia’s eccentric, doting assistant, her young niece accused of murder and an unknown man who is always one step ahead of the detective, this mystery thriller keeps the audience guessing to the final curtain.   A little bit history about The Bat


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Miss Cornelia Van Gorder  – Leslie Klor
Elizabeth Allen – Marilyn Hughes
Miss Dale Ogden – Arden Kilzer
Jack Brooks – Derek Jepsen
Detective Anderson – John Conway
Willa – The Housekeeper – Siobhan O’Brien
Ashley Fleming – Alison Sacha Ross
The Doctor – Michael Walraven
Regina Beresford – Sumi Narendran
The Masked Man – John Robert Lubey
Unknown – “We’ll keep it that way…..come to the show and find out who it is?”


Director – Clay David
Producer/AD – Sandi Rubay
Stage Manager – Adrianne Goff
Assistant Stage Manager – Christine Bolen
Set Designer – Clay David and Michael Walraven
Lighting Designer – Ellen Brooks
Sound Designer – Bruce Vieira
Costumer – Paula Aiello