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Our 2019-2020 Season has begun!



“NTC does a brilliant job of bringing this award-winning play to Marin… Patrick Nims’ spot-on direction leads a brilliantly-cast ensemble… the entire cast is stellar… an emotional journey worth taking”
Kelli Fleitas (For All Events)

“Director Patrick Nims brilliantly choreographs humans under the microscope. We are observing the intimate collapse of the U.S. middle class–economic, medical, and emotional. Nims and the great cast make it funny and touching, as they look at the grim neighborhood and feel their fate descending. Don’t miss Novato’s breathtaking version of La Comédie Humaine.”
Barry Horwitz (Theatrius)

“I enjoyed every minute… the acting was so incredible, it immersed you into the family dynamics portrayed in a very powerful story”
Marc Guzman (Podcast)

Tickets and Subscriptions for 2019-2020 now available on-line

Volunteers still needed for ‘THE HUMANS’

Announcing auditions for ‘TOMMY’
September 15 & 17

(Updated 8/16 with final Audition Form)

Marin Actors’ Workshop with Terry McGovern Saturdays at NTC

Sponsor our Wireless Internet Access!

Help us pay for this invaluable service at the theater, usable by casts and crews and audience members alike. A donation of $60 will pay the bill for a month. Pick any month through the end of 2020, and (unless you’d rather remain anonymous) your name will be posted in the lobby for that month for all to see your generosity.