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Auditions for Age of Aquarius will be announced soon.

Audition information for Shakespeare In Love as follows:


Shakespeare in Love

Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard

Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Directed by Nic Moore and Gillian Eichenberger

Open Auditions November 15th and 16th from 6pm to 10pm
Callbacks November 19th from 12pm to 5pm

Novato Theater Company

5420 Nave Drive (Suite C)

Novato, CA 94949

Performances May 18th to June 11th at Novato Theater Company

Non-AEA, volunteer

This production is committed to equity and inclusion. All ethnicities, genders, sexualities and

sizes are encouraged to audition!

All cast and crew members are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine prior to auditions.

While contracted to write plays for two separate theaters, a young Will Shakespeare finds
himself struck with a dismal writer’s block. It is only when he meets his muse--the passionate
and brilliant Viola--that Will finds the words to write his romantic masterpiece, Romeo and
Juliet. A rollicking romantic-comedy that brings to life the world of Shakespeare’s theater.
Mistaken identity, star-crossed lovers and plenty of backstage theatrics!

How to Audition
Send an email to with your name and desired audition time. Feel free to attach your headshot and resume to this email (or bring it on your audition day). You will be sent a confirmation email with your time shortly.

What to Prepare
Explore the sides (link below) and select 1-2 sides that correspond with the character you’d like to audition for. If the character you are interested in does not have any sides, just pick your favorite side to perform at auditions. You may be asked to cold read for other characters.

Rehearsals will be held from March 21st to May 11th. Actors will be called 3-5 days a week Sunday-Thursday evenings. A final rehearsal schedule will be determined by cast availability. Rehearsals from March 21st to April 9th will only be for a few principal roles, ensemble rehearsals will begin on April 10th.

Tech Week
Tech week will consist of two all-day rehearsals on May 13th and 14th along with evening rehearsals May 15th-17th.

A preview performance will be held on Thursday, May 18th. After that the performance schedule will be Friday and Saturday evenings with a Sunday Matinee from May 19th to June 11th.

Video Auditions
If you are unable to attend in-person auditions, video auditions will be accepted. Please send your video to (Youtube and Vimeo links are fine too) by midnight on November 16th. In the video, slate your name and perform 1-2 sides for your desired role. A recorded or Zoom callback may be held shortly after reviewing your audition.

Character Breakdown

All roles are open to all ethnicities, genders, sexualities and sizes.

Will Shakespeare - 20s-30s, Masculine-Presenting. A poet and playwright. Plays Romeo.

Viola De Lesseps - 20s-30s, Feminine-Presenting. The daughter of a wealthy merchant. Disguises herself as Thomas Kent in order to act at the Rose Theatre. Plays Romeo, then Juliet.

Kit Marlowe - Late 20s-30s, Masculine-Presenting. A colleague and mentor to Will Shakespeare.

Hugh Fennyman - 40s-60s, Masculine-Presenting. A ruthless moneylender who funds the production of Romeo and Juliet.

Philip Henslowe - 40s-60s. Masculine-Presenting. The manager and owner of the Rose Theatre.

Richard Burbage - 40s-60s. Masculine-Presenting. The lead actor of the Lord Chamberlain’s men.

Ned Alleyn - 30s-40s, Masculine-Presenting. The lead actor of the Admiral’s Men. Plays Mercutio.

Queen Elizabeth I - 40s-60s, Feminine-Presenting. The Queen of England.

Edmund Tilney - 30s-50s, Masculine-Presenting. The Lord Chamberlain.

Lord Wessex - 30s-40s, Masculine-Presenting. A wealthy lord. Betrothed to Viola.

Nurse - 40s-60s, Feminine-Presenting. Viola’s nurse.

Sir Robert De Lesseps - 40s-60s, Masculine-Presenting. Viola’s father. A wealthy merchant.

John Webster - Teens, Masculine-Presenting. A street urchin who aspires to be a player.

Sam - Late Teens-Early 20s, Masculine-Presenting. Actor who plays Juliet.

Wabash - 20s-40s, Masculine-Presenting. A tailor who aspires to be an actor. Has a stammer.

Ralph - 40s-60s, Masculine-Presenting. A drunkard who aspires to be an actor. Plays Nurse.

Nol - 20s-30s, Masculine-Presenting. A novice actor. Plays Benvolio.

Adam - 20s-30s, Masculine-Presenting. A novice actor. Plays Gregory.

Robin - 30s-40s, Masculine-Presenting. A novice actor and musician. Plays Lady Capulet.

Peter - 20s-30s, Masculine-Presenting. An actor. Plays Tybalt.

Some characters will be doubled with ensemble roles including: henchmen, players, barmen, nobles, guards, prostitute.