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2022-2023 Season

We are putting the finishing touches to our 2022-2023 Season and will publishing it here very soon!

Some things to note:

We will be reintroducing Subscriptions this year. There will be a ticket package available for those of you who want to buy all your tickets on-line up front and lock in all the dates for one discount price.

There will also be a simple on-line form if you want to just pick your dates the old way (first Saturday evening, second Sunday matinee etc.) and we will enter your ticket reservations for you, and you can mail us a check if that's how you roll.

We have decided NOT to continue with Assigned Seating.

While it had some advantages, it honestly had more disadvantages, and the majority decision of the Membership has been to abandon it, and revert to our traditional First-Come-First-Served Seating model.

Subscribers will, as in previous years, have priority entry to the Auditorium to get their seats, but please also note that for the two musicals this season, there will be a Premium Seating area (at a higher price tier) which will be the first two rows of the Center Section.

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